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We believe that true well-being encompasses not only the resolution of immediate issues but also the cultivation of a resilient and fulfilling life philosophy. Embark on a journey of self-reflection and growth with us, where our commitment is to assist you in unlocking your potential and living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Who We Help

The therapeutic journey often involves uncovering and harnessing inner strengths, resources, and resilience that may have been previously overlooked or underutilised. At IASO CARE, we celebrate the transformative power of seeking support and embrace your agency by placing your experiences at the centre of attention, providing a unique form of therapy that taps into the wisdom of philosophy to guide you in exploring and addressing life's challenges. Our approach integrates philosophical insights with evidence-based therapeutic techniques, fostering a holistic understanding of your challenges.

Adolescents (16+)

As the most challenging transition periods of our lives from childhood to adulthood, adolescents often grapple with specific stressors, such as peer pressure, body image concerns, bullying, academic pressure, substance use, social media usage, and identity exploration. Offering a confidential and non-judgmental space that allows teens to freely explore and express their values, beliefs, interests, strengths, and goals, we empower them to thrive in this critical stage of their lives. 


Adult Individual

Coping with mental and emotional challenges is a dynamic and individual journey. By providing a safe space and professional guidance to self-discovery, fostering a supportive relationship, and addressing underlying issues, we can assist you in making positive changes in your lives, building resilience, enhancing self-esteem, and cultivating healthier relationships.

Relationship Counselling

In relationship therapy, the main idea is to determine what makes a relationship healthy and understand the symptoms of a relationship in turmoil. While every therapist and therapy session is unique, focusing on the 'relationship' itself as their clients, IASO CARE is proud to provide culturally sensitive therapies, respecting and addressing the diverse backgrounds and values of the couple in introducing communication tools, conflict resolution strategies, and other practical techniques to improve your relationship.

Group Trainings

We offer workshops and seminars for communities and organisations committed to enhancing their collective well-being, fostering personal growth, and cultivating a positive and resilient environment. Our tailored programs cover diverse topics, empowering participants with valuable insights, practical tools, and a shared sense of purpose. Whether your focus is on team dynamics, mental health awareness, or skill development, our engaging sessions are designed to inspire positive change and contribute to the overall flourishing of your community or organisation.

Our Multilingual Team

IASO CARE is proud to be a culturally sensitive, multi-lingual practice that cherishes diversity and promotes inclusion. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment that embraces individuals from various cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and linguistic communities of all sexual and gender orientations.

Effective communication is at the heart of meaningful therapy; therefore, we deliver services in various languages to ensure that individuals can express themselves comfortably and be fully understood. This linguistic diversity reflects our dedication to breaking down barriers to mental health care and making our services accessible to a broader audience.

Dr. Hora Zabarjadi Sar

BA (Phil), MA (Edu), MPhil (Edu), PhD (Phil), MA (Counselling)

As a philosophical counsellor and psychotherapist and the founder of IASO CARE, I believe philosophy becomes a lifeline amid unimaginable suffering and despair —a testament to the enduring resilience of the human spirit. It offers a path towards inner freedom and liberation, allowing demoralised individuals to reclaim agency despite overwhelming adversity.

I specialise in transition issues, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Relationship issues, Emotion dysregulation, Chronic Illness, Embitterment, Grief & loss and Adjustment issues.

Languages: English, Farsi (Persian)

Dr. Sameema Zahra

BA (Phil/Lit), MA (Phil), MPhil (Phil), PhD (Phil), MA (Counselling)

My counselling approach is deeply rooted in the philosophical understanding of human needs and struggles. As a seasoned traveller and a world citizen, I've experienced the joys and hardships of starting fresh in new places, enriching my empathy and connection with clients. As a licensed counsellor, I specialise in addiction (AOD counselling), anxiety, depression, and grief and loss. Embracing a person-centred approach, I create a supportive space for clients to share and find meaning in their stories.

Languages: English, Urdu/Hindi

Hybrid Delivery Mode

IASO CARE counselling services can be delivered in a hybrid modality: Face-to-face and Telehealth.

Our online and telehealth services empower clients across Australia and around the globe to access the assistance and support they deserve, breaking down geographical barriers and transcending time zones. No matter where they are located, our commitment to providing quality help remains unwavering, ensuring that individuals conveniently receive the support they need.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Mental Health Cover Plans (MHCP)? 

Australia's Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) primarily covers services provided by psychologists, clinical psychologists, and other allied mental health professionals such as social workers and occupational therapists. However, counsellors do not fall under Medicare coverage, which means you cannot utilise mental health rebates for sessions with a counsellor. Considering this, we have set our fees at an affordable rate, ensuring that our clients pay no more than they would out of pocket for sessions with a psychologist of equivalent qualification.


Do I need a GP referral to make an appointment with you? 

As Medicare doesn't cover counselling services, there's no need for GP referrals or MHCP. Feel free to reach out for support whenever you believe it's needed. Your judgment is all that's required for booking with us, and we're here to help whenever you're ready.

What is the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist? 

Counselling and psychology practices both work in the mental health space and see clients who seek therapeutic interventions for mental health-related challenges; however, they do not treat mental health issues the same way. 

  • As counsellors, we do not hold a diagnostic approach. When meeting our clients, we do not merely look for the symptoms to identify a mental health issue; instead, we meet the client as a unique individual navigating their challenging life. Even when a diagnosis is deemed necessary, we consistently view our client as extending beyond the confines of that diagnosis. 
  • Psychologists, however, practice according to the medical model of 'Health vs. Illness'. Through scientific assessments using lots of psychological measurements, they focus on the presenting symptoms to diagnose clients' mental disorders.  


What is Philosophical counselling/psychotherapy?


Philosophical counselling is a therapy that uses philosophical concepts and ideas to help individuals explore and understand their life's problems and struggles. It aims to assist individuals in gaining clarity about their values, beliefs, and goals and develop a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This approach can be helpful for individuals dealing with various issues, including relationship (interpersonal) problems, career concerns, existential crises, emotion dysregulation, attachment issues and personal growth. It is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a non-judgmental, open-minded, and intellectually stimulating approach to therapy.

What is unique about the IASO CARE therapeutic approach? 

 IASO CARE's therapeutic approach is rooted in phenomenological philosophy. The fundamental principle of phenomenologicalcounselling is the belief that individuals have the capacity to find their ownsolutions and answers to the problems they face. Rather than offering direct advice or solutions, the counsellor's role is to facilitate the client'sself-exploration in a non-judgmental space. Such an approach can help you in the following ways:

  1. Developing self-awareness: By exploring their experiences, individuals become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This self-awareness can lead to greater insight into one’s own motivations, values, and beliefs. Here, phenomenological counselling (PC) can integrate EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy) interventions to facilitate emotional relationship exploration, resolution and transformation.
  2. Enhancing personal growth: Closely related to existential therapy, PC enables clients to better understand themselves as individuals embedded in relationships. Tackling the fundamental questions of existence, meaning, and the human condition can result in a greater sense of self-acceptance, self-efficacy and positive life changes.
  3. Improving relationships: Phenomenological counselling can help individuals understand how their experiences and perceptions affect their relationships with others. This understanding can lead to greater empathy, improved communication and conflict-resolution skills.
  4. Coping with challenges: Emphasising Gestalt principles of here-and-now experience, awareness, and integration of all aspects of self, Phenomenological counselling, individuals can learn to better cope with challenges and difficult situations, leading to increased resilience, post-traumatic growth and emotional regulation.


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